Hi there!

We're Radu and Dalma, the creators of "OH, a potato!" - a weekly meal planning app that helps you reduce food waste and shop smarter.


Our story starts, believe it or not, in a very ordinary setting – our kitchen. The real turning point came when we realised we were repeatedly throwing out ingredients that had gone bad. This was a direct result of our grocery shopping habits – shopping while hungry, buying impulsively, and ultimately overbuying. The result? Our kitchen was full of ingredients that, more often than not, we didn’t have any idea how to turn into a delish meal. It was a cycle of overbuying and then throwing out ingredients that had gone bad.

We wanted to do better so we tried different things. We started to save recipes on a Notion board, bookmark countless cooking videos on Instagram and meal plan in a calendar app. We tried different meal planning apps but all of them fell short in some way, either because they were focused on other problems like losing weight or because they were just missing something. The inconvenience of those tools made it hard for us to build a consistent habit and we quickly went back to overbuying, eating out and feeling guilty about another piece of fruit or veg getting mouldy.

We wanted an app with recipe finder by ingredients, that was more than just a regular recipe organizer, making it possible to save recipes from any online or offline sources; and where we could easily add recipes to a weekly meal plan and share it between us so both of us could participate in meal planning activities thus sharing the load and keep the good habits on. And so, "OH, a potato!" was born.


Well, one day, while sorting through our pantry, we found an old potato with sprouted roots. This was a lightbulb moment. That potato was a perfect analogy for our overlooked and forgotten ingredients – full of potential yet neglected. It symbolised our habit of buying ingredients with good intentions but letting them go to waste.

Our app is designed to help families like ours reduce food waste by making smarter shopping choices and utilising what they already have. It's more than a menu planner; it's a tool to change the way we all think about and use our food.

Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable kitchen. Let's make food waste a thing of the past, one meal at a time. With "Oh, a potato!", you'll find joy in rediscovering the potential in your pantry, just like we did with that sprouting potato.

Cheers to mindful cooking,

Radu & Dalma